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La sandal Stabifoot est un produit de haute qualité qui met en oeuvre les meilleurs matériaux et fait appel aux dernières nouveautés et innovations technologiques. Stabifoot utilise les meilleurs cuirs provenant des tanneries les plus reputées

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Stabifoot, since 1936, we offer small feet - big comfort!
by the use of certified leathers, we have developed a range of baby footwear, adapted to each stadium of your baby.
The baby soft range offers a perfect protection for your babies feet. Thanks to the use of very soft leathers, your baby will even not feel the shoes!
TheBabychic collection offers an exclusive babyshoe. They are fully made of the finest leather inside and outside. The rubber outsole makes sure the antislip for the baby. With the unique design and range of coulours, every babyfoot fits well in this lovely collection.
The babylove collection offers a prewalk shoe for babies. The step from barefoot to solid shoes is too big. Therefore, STABIFOOT developed her BABYLOVE line. The babylove shoe is characterised by the zipper that goes completely under the shoe and allows to open the shoe completely. Thanks to this, the babyfeet fit in without any problem! The babylove collection is made of the finest leathers, inside and outside with a rubber outsole for a perfect antislip while standing up! Your baby has the perfect stability with natural materials for the first steps!

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